This article will tell you step by step process to configure EBS payment gateway on your store

  1. Login to the Kartrocket admin panel using your credentials
  2. Navigate to Rules > Payment Options in left menu
  3. Find EBS , the screenshot is shown below:

4. Click on the Install button. Once it is installed, ‘Setting’ button will now appear at the same place where Install button was located.

5. Now click on Setting button and enable the payment method in the next screen. Fill in the details on the Settings page as shown below

  6.  Field Explanation

        a) Name: The name that you enter here is visible on the website for this Payment option. In case you leave it blank, the default name EBS will reflect .

      b) Status: To allow the users to pay through EBS , set the status to ‘enabled’. Else you can set status to disabled if you want to completely turn off EBS payment option on your store.

       c) Account ID - This is unique ID that has been shared with you after registering with EBS Payment gateway.

      d) Secret Key - It is a key that has been shared with you after registering with EBS Payment gateway.

      e)Total: Enter the minimum order value after which this payment option becomes available to user. E.g.:

                  Case-1: If you want EBS to be shown to the customers for all the orders irrespective of the order value – Enter the smallest amount such as 0.01, so it this case EBS payment option will reflect for all the orders whose values are above INR 0.01.

                  Case-2: If you want EBS to be shown to the customers when the order value is greater than Rs 1000, enter 1000 in the field .

                  Case 3: If you want EBS to the customers for an amount range such as INR 1000 - INR 5000, unfortunately this can’t be achieved by using only this app. Kartrocket platform has another app named as “Cart Rules”* that can be used along with EBS app to achieve this.

       f) Test Mode - Select the checkbox to test whether the payment gateway is working properly with your online store. During this time, money won’t be deducted from the user’s account. Unselect it, once you are sure that the payment gateway has been configured properly with your online store.

       g) Enable Mobikwik - Select the checkbox, if you want to give your customers an option to pay through Mobikwik wallet.

       h) Geo Zone: Geo Zone is a group of zones. You can select the Geo zone from the drop-down and restrict the EBS payment option to the unselected Geo Zones. You can also select “All Zones” if you want to give EBS option to all the Geo zones. Geo Zone works on the Country and State selected by the customer while entering the shipping address during checkout. You can also add/edit/delete Geo zones from Settings > Localization > Geo Zones

       i) Sort Order: You can enter the sort order as 1,2 etc. to manage the front-end position of the EBS payment option. Eg: If you set the Sort order to 2, it will appear at the second position in the payment options on the left menu on the payment page .

7. Post configuration, click on Save button to save the settings. Now the EBS payment option is configured and will reflect on your website. 

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