1. Go to Apps>Tools
  2. Look for Sell digital product.

3. Install the app & click on settings button

4. Click on the Add button to add a file & link to a product manually

5. You can enter the details like name of the file that will show on the product page. Choose the file that you want to upload. Mention the number of times this file can be downloaded in total downloads allowed. In case you want the file to be downloaded for infinite number of times leave it blank.
Select the product in Product Name to which you want this file to be linked.

This is the manual way of uploading the files.
6. You also have an option to upload the files & data in bulk. Click on bulk import button

7.  Enter the details in a csv format for below fields:
Download Name
Total Downloads Allowed
Product Name

8. Supported file format are .pdf, .zip, .doc, .txt, .jpg
9. Make sure the file names mentioned in the csv file are already uploaded in SEO>Upload files. Please enter correct file name in the csv file with extension.

10. Click on just the Choose file to import the csv file with all the details

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