Let us see how you can apply flat shipping charges for all the customers on your store.
Login to your kartrocket admin dashboard using your credentials

  1. Go to Rules>Shipping Rules in the left menu.

Look for Flat Rate Shipping

2. Click on setting button of the Flat Rate Shipping rule.

3. Field Explanation
a) Cost: Define the cost amount that customer needs to pay.

b) Select the tax class in case you want to apply tax on the shipping charges.

Note- To edit/create Tax Class, refer to create tax class.

c) Geo Zone: In case you want to give free shipping throughout the store. Select All Zones from the drop down. Flat shipping fee will be changed for the orders that come from anywhere in the world.

c) Select Status of the shipping rule as Enabled.

d) Define sort order of the shipping rule. This will define the order in which the shipping rule is available during checkout. 

Now, click on save button.

**Please configure only one shipping rule per geo zone. In case you configure multiple shipping options for geo zone, the customer will have an option to select the type of shipping.

** Ideally there should be only one shipping rule/ geo zone. Additionally you can activate Pick up from store. In this case, Sort order will define if the customer will the prompted for free shipping option first or Pick up from store. 

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