When you want to charge the customer based on the weight of the product, use Weight based shipping. This shipping option should be used whenever you ship the products that are heavy in weight. Since all the courier companies charge based on the actual weight or volumetric based on whichever is higher.

Lets see how to configure this shipping option.

1. Go to Rules> Shipping Rules.

2. Click on settings button of the Weight based shipping app.

3. Along with the general tab, there are different zone tabs so that you can define shipping amount on the basis of zones.

Note- To edit/create Zones, refer to create zones.

4. Select the tax class in case you want to apply tax on the shipping charges.

Note- To edit/create Tax Class, refer to create tax class.

5. Select status of the shipping rule.

6. Define sort order of the shipping rule.

7. Select the zone tab on which you want to apply the shipping rule.

8. Define Rates you want to charge to customer.

Note- The format for defining rates is weight1:rate1, weight2:rate2, weight3:rate3…

9. Select the status of the rates.

In above screenshot, the weight based shipping rates for states which are part of India Standard zone are:

  • 50 for order weights up to 4kg.
  • 100 for order weight up to 9kg.
  • 150 for order weight of 10kg and above.

10. Click on save button.

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