With Store Locator, you can allow visitors to find locations of your physical stores within proximity of an address or postal code or within a selected region. Add important information about each location like address, phone number, hours of operation and filters like 24-hour operation, handicap accessibility, wi-fi zone.

How to use store locator app?


  1. You will find the Store Locator App in admin panel under Apps ->Tools ->Store Locator

2. Click on the install button for App installation and then the setting button to configure the App

3. To show the google map on the Store Locator app, you will have to first enter the Google Map API Key. This would be available in the Store Design -> theme Settings -> Page Settings -> Contact Us. Click on the following link to know how to get and add Google Map API key in the admin panel-https://www.kartrocket.com/maps-api-for-google-updated/

4. Once you add the google map API key, then proceed further with the settings in the Store Locator App

5. In the app, you will find multiple settings that will help you to manage the Store locator on the website

-Display store link on footer

-Add store location

-Enable store

-Disable store

-Delete store

Let’s discuss each of these settings below:

A. Display store link on Footer:

This setting will allow you to decide if you want to show the Store locator link on the footer of the website or not. In case if you switch this ON then, you will be able to see the store locator link on the website under the Customer Service in the footer.And on WAP (mobile website), it would will be available in the information section in FooterOtherwise, if you prefer to show the link on some other section of the site or link it to some image, then you can use this link to do the same - storeurl/index.php?route=information/storelocator, where storeurl is the URL of your website(ex. – www.abc.com)

 B.Add Store location:

On this page, you can add the store details. The fields marked with asterisk sign are mandatory fields. 

Store name - Define the store name here as you want to show on the website

Address – Address of the Store

City –Enter the city in which the store is located

Country – Select the country in which the store is located

State -Select the state in which the store is located

Postcode/Zip Code – Enter the postcode here

Phone -Enter the contact number of the store if you wish to show it in the store information on the website

Email - Enter the contact email id of the store if you wish to show it in the store information on the website

Website – If you have a different website for a store, you can write here, which will show in additional store information

Timing – You can mention the store operational timings here.

Sort Order – the priority in which the store search result should show up.

Status – Choose if you want to show the store on Store locator by enable or disable.

Add search filter for your store - Here you can add the filters you want with the help of which, a user can filter stores in the front-end. For example – Books available, Only Cash, wi-fi zone

Select search filter – Once you add the filters above, it would be available here. From here you can select the filters that should get applicable for the store that you are adding

Adjust your store location – Once you add theYou can adjust your store’s exact location on the Google map here.
Don’t Forget to click on SAVE after doing all the settings.

C) Disable Store 

 You can choose to disable your store from the website by simply selecting the stores and clicking on disable store.

D) Enable Store 

You can choose to enable your store on the website by simply selecting the stores and clicking on enable store.

E) Delete Store 

 You can permanently delete multiple stores by clicking on Delete store button.

The frontend view of the Store locator would be as follow:

In the footer click on Store Locator:

Here you can either search by Postcode or By City.

When you click on any store name in the search result, you will get the store information in popup as shown below:

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