Steps of domain pointing ( If GoDaddy )

  1. Login to GoDaddy
  2. On the dashboard, expand the Domains section by clicking the + sign. Then search for the domain name you're trying to point to your KartRocket store.

3. Click on Manage next to the domain to open up the following screen:

4. There are 2 parts to pointing your domain to your KartRocket Store:

a) Point WWW record to KartRocket's servers

b) Forward the Top Level Domain DOMAIN (TLD)

 A. Point WWW record to KartRocket's servers:

Now click on the DNS ZONE FILE tab. Scroll down to the section that has the title "CNAME"

Click on the edit (pencil) icon next to the WWW record. [NOTE: If WWW record doesn't exist read on later to see how to add it]In the pop-up, change the @ symbol to value:

Change the TTL to 1 week and click FINISH.
Then you will see this message indicating your changes haven't been saved yet. Click on SAVE to save your changes. 

If A record is missing from your domain record, click on Add Record on the top-left of the screen. In the pop-up screen, in Record Type, pick CNAME. See screenshot:

Click Finish and Save. 

b. Forward the TOP LEVEL DOMAIN - i.e. (without the WWW) to
For example, if your case we are trying to redirect ->
This is done in the "SETTINGS" tab on the manage domains screen.
In the forwarding section, click the Manage link under "Domains"

In the pop-up that opens up click "ADD FORWARDING". Then add your domain details with the WWW prefixed to the top domain. 

Click On Add. And click on Save.
That's it. With this we have ensured that any time the user accesses your site without the WWW sub domain, they still get redirected to

**In case of other domain registrar, follow the steps as per their domain panels and make these changes 

  • Point WWW record to KartRocket's servers 
  • Forward the Top Level Domain DOMAIN (TLD)

If you face any issues, please get in touch with Kartrocket support team by emailing at

Steps of domain pointing ( If Bigrock )

1. Login to your Bigrock account.

2. Click on domain ( has to be pointed ).

3. Goto DNS Management

4. Click on Manage DNS

5. Click on CNAME Records

6. Add New Record

7. Host name www.<yourdomain>.<org/com/in,etc>

8. add record

 Please apply forwarder also

 from <yourdomain>.<org/com/in,etc> to www.<yourdomain>.<org/com/in,etc>

 Note : Please don't change Nameserver(s) at all and any other settings.

If above settings are done and saved, please login to you domain ( you pointed ), if it points to a "/maintenance.html" it means, configuration done successfully at your end, please let us know for the same, rest configuration will be done at our end.

Once these settings are done and your domain points to the maintenance page now you are ready to point your store, which is on Kartrocket sub-domain to this domain.
Please follow the below steps to do it:

  1. Login to your Kartrocket admin dashboard
  2. Go to Settings>Custom Domain

3. Please enter the domain name for which you did the settings in the Domain name field & turn Custom Domain to ON
4. Now your store will open directly on this domain.
** It may take 48-72 hours for the domain to get activated on all the locations.

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