The Login with Google option makes things easier for you & your customers. You get to build your database and capture customer information & customers don't have to fill long forms or remember passwords.

Lets take a look on how can set up the 'Login with Google' feature on your store.

1. Visit the Google Developers console

2. Look for social API’s

3. Select Google+ API

4. Select Yes & click on Accept.

5. Click on Create Project.

6. Now again click on Create button

7. Write the store name as shown in the below screenshot

8. Click on create. Now select Credentials option from the left menu.

9. As shown in the screenshot below select OAuth client ID from the dropdown.

10. Click on Configure consent screen button.

11. Enter the details & click on save

12. Select Web application & enter the details as explained below:
For Ex: Authorized JavaScript origins: URL
For Ex: Authorized redirect URIs: URL

13. Now click on Create. You will now see details(Client Id & Secret) in the pop up like below. Enter these details in the Login with Google App in the Kartrocket dashboard.

14. Login to your Kartrocket admin dashboard.
15. Go to Apps in the left menu & look for Google Login App.

16. Click on Setting. Make the status Enabled

17. Go to settings tab.
18. Enter the Client Id & Secret key that you got in step 13.

19. Save these settings now.

** You can now see Login with google button on the Login & checkout page of your website.

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