WAP or Wireless Application Protocol is a secure and widely used specification that allows user to access your website instantly on wireless devices like smartphones and tablets. It is an international standard establishing how mobile devices can access information on the Internet. With this technology, users can view your website. It is very similar to your website, except that it is optimized for

• low-display capability
• low-memory
• low-bandwidth devices

So, if somebody from a remote area, where internet connection is not very strong, can access easily your website with better navigation and usability.

Why WAP?

• Better Loading Speed, Even in Low Bandwidth and Less Internet Speed

• Easier Flow of Data on Mobile, as Compare to Responsive Website.

• Beautiful Design and Usability Of Website

• Fast, Convenient and Seamless Checkout

• Single URL For All Devices

• No Extra Expense or Efforts required

How to activate WAP?


1. Go to Sales Channels>Mobile

2. WAP settings page will open up here. All the settings are explained below:

A. Mobile theme status: This setting is by default ON. If you turn the mobile theme status OFF, the website will open in responsive mode on mobile, tab etc. The WAP won’t work.

B. Toggle menu: This will activate hamburger menu in the header for the ease of website navigation.

C. Auto-load category Page: Auto-load products on the category page when one scrolls down to view the products.

D. Add to confirmation alert: Turn this ON to enable add to cart pop up on WAP.

E. Theme button color: The color of the WAP site that you want to choose, this could be as per the color of your logo.
F. Image Ratio at home, category or product page: Enter the value here that is close to the actual product images ratios that are on the website.

Now click on the SAVE button.

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