There are some mandatory fields which you need to complete before saving the product:

  • Product Name
  • SKU – It should be unique for each product, otherwise the system would not accept it. This can be alpha-numeric.
  • Model – You can keep this same as the sku or even different. The model gets displayed on the product page as Product code.

Apart from these fields, category, price, image, quantity and description are also the important fields for adding a new product.
Steps to be followed for adding a New Product

1. Click on Catalog>Add Products given in the left navigation.

2. Enter the product details such as product name, description, price, quantity, SKU, model, special price & tax class

3. Upload product images, either by using Browse option or by simply dropping the product images on the DROP HERE text.

4.  Navigate to product variation to add product options or variants.

By just clicking on the Add New Variation, this will display all the available options which are created in the Option Master, just select the one for which you want to add the value as shown below:

In case, you want to add an option that doesn't exist in the option master, enter the name in Product Variation field and click on + sign, you will get the option to select type of variation. 

Just click on the required one and the option will be created like

5. After creating the product variants, navigate to Product Attribute. 

  • Select the attribute name by clicking on the Add New Attribute text. List of available attributes will be displayed.
  • You can select the required attribute from the list. In case the attribute you need is not on the list, then click on Add new Attribute text to type the name of the new attribute.
  • Click on (+) button to create the attribute in the list.
  • Define the product’s attribute value in the text field.
  • Product attributes gets displayed on the product page under the specification tab as shown in the image below:

6. Now select the categories of the product to which the product is associated.

  • You can simply select the categories from the available list by clicking on the checkbox.
  • In case, required category is not there then you can click on Manage Categories button. It will redirect you to the Product Category section.

7. After defining the categories, define the weight of the product.

  • Select the Weight class as Kilogram preferably.
  • Define the weight.
  • Define Dimensions of the product, which helps in calculating the volumetric weight of the product. It is required in shipping weight measurement.

Now Click on the Save button given on the Top right corner to save the product.

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