Customers while buying online have lot of questions to which they try to contact you via email, phone etc.
Even after a customer has bought he might have questions related to shipping,delivery etc.
Apart from email & phone ,sending queries via contact form is also a widely used mode of contacting. Here customers just need to enter their contact details & leave the query.

You in-fact receive an email & sms of every query that is left on your store.
You can easily revert via email to the customer.

SMS Sample:  "Hi! You have just received an enquiry from Cutomer_Name on your Kartrocket Store Store_name.Please Log in to your admin area to check."

Email Sample:

You also have list of all the queries that are left on the store, on your kartrocket dashboard.
Navigation: Just click on Enquiries in the left menu, you will see the list of queries like:

You have the option to select the queries that you want to remove from the list. Just select the query by clicking on the check box and click on delete.

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