How can you add/upload products in bulk?

Go to Catalog section on the admin panel:

Click on the Import Products Tab:

The basic Bulk Product Import screen will open, click on Advance Bulk Import button.

Now click on Download Sample file to understand the sheet format of Advance bulk product import to upload the products. The downloaded zip file has 2 files:

  1. Kartrocket_Guide_To_Create_Advance_Bulk_Product_Import_Sheet.pdf
  2. KartRocket_Sample_Advance_Products_Import.csv

The pdf file can be referred for the fields definitions and acceptable formats of the values required for creating the sheet. The csv file is the sample file, you can use the same file to create your product data sheet.

You can also refer to the below mentioned definitions.

We need to make sure that we give headings to the columns so that it becomes easy for mapping in the required step of bulk upload.

Below is the explanation for the bulk upload sheet:

Entry in each row in excel sheet corresponds to a Product’s detail/SKU

1. SKU & Model No.

SKU: Stock Keeping Unit: In our system it is a mandatory field and needs to be unique.

Model No.: This is the product code that displays on the product page. One can keep SKU & Model No. same.

2. Product Category:

Category entry in the excel sheet is as per the categorization of product. If suppose a product is in Apparels: Men:Casual. The entry for this will be in three category columns like below and if suppose same SKU is in Men’s sale category the entry has to be in two more category columns like Category 4 & 5.

For Example:

Category 1: Apparels

Category 2: Apparels>Men

Category 3: Apparel>Men>Casual

Category 4: Sale

Category 5: Sale>Men

3. Variants/options

These are the options that a merchant gives for a particular SKU. It could be of color,size etc. Eg: For an apparel,shoes store the variant is in the form of sizes: Apparel: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, Shoes: 36,37,38,39,40 

Example: Sheet entry

Option Size: 0:0|Small:0:0:0|Medium:0:0:0|Large:0:0:0

Choose Size: 0:0|Small:0:0:0|Medium:0:0:0|Large:0:0:0

Format: OptionRequired:SubtractStock|name1:qty:price:weight|name2:qty:price:weight|name3:qty:price:weight

**Option Required and Subtract Stock can have 2 values 0 or 1. 

0=Not Mandatory

1= Mandatory

4. Subtract Stock:

Merchant can make this option value as 1 if he wants the inventory to reduce on purchase of that particular SKU and mark it as 0 if he doesn’t want to manage inventory. This options to manage the inventory across the store in every product upload.

5. Attributes:

This is very important when it comes to entering product information in tabular format(i.e. under specifications) on the product page. Details mentioned here are key information about the product. The merchant has to ensure that all the column headings are exclusively unique.

Format: Heading:Sub-heading:Details

6. Special Price

It is the sale price at which a Merchant wants to sell a product. This helps to show percentage discount on the website.

Sample: 9:1:800:18-4-2017:31-3-2019

We can define customer group's order but default customer group orders are:

9 for Customer group.

8 for Default group.

6 for Wholesale group. 

P.S.: In case you edit or delete any of the group there are chances that the id wrt the group name gets changed. Please make sure you enter the correct id. To check the ids go to Customers>Customer Group & check customer group id field.

7. Discount Price

This is as per the Quantity of SKU that needs to be bought to avail this discount price. The discount in this case is applied when 5 Quantity of this SKU are bought.

Sample: 6:0:1599:5:16-10-2016:20-10-2019

Pointers to keep in mind before you do a bulk upload on your store:

Before starting the Bulk Import process, make sure you must be ready with the below data:

  • Product should be available in the excel sheet, for better uploading we will suggest you to download the sample file from the panel. 
  • Please refer to the Kartrocket_Guide_To_Create_Advance_Bulk_Product_Import_Sheet.pdf for complete details on the Import Sheet data and format.
  • Images of the product should be available in a folder.
  • Product Sheet size should not be more than 20 MB.
  • Please make sure that the image name mentioned in the sheet should match with the name of image available in the image folder.
  • We suggest you to compress the image size to not more than 300 KB, this helps in better performance of your website and improves the loading time of the site as well. Maximum size allowed in our system is 500 KB.

You can download and use IrfanView software for compressing the images in one go.

Please save the file with extension of “.csv” or “.txt” by selecting “Save as type

Detailed Step by step process for bulk upload

  • Click on Catalog and then Import Products>Advance Product Import(button)
  • Click on Upload image first, Image manager pop-up will come up. 
  • Upload all the images available in the Products folder by selecting all and simply drop them in the Image manager where DROP HERE text is display.

Now the images are uploaded on the server, click on the background screen to continue.

  • Click on Step1 and then click on BROWSE to upload file. Leave rest settings to default and 

click on Save & Continue button on the top right of the screen.

  • Now configure the Global Settings of the sheet as per your requirements and click on Save & Continue button. Please refer to the Import Table for complete description of the global settings.
  • If you want to make any adjustment in the uploaded sheet then refer to Import Table for complete description of the same else click on Skip button.
  • Now, Map the Field with the respective Feed Field Name in the Sheet and click on Save & Continue. 
  • We suggest you to save the setting profile name as it will helps in saving the settings done by you starting from global settings to Import settings.
  • If you wish to clear all the existing data from the store then select “YES” in front of “EMPTY STORE BEFORE IMPORT” and click on “IMPORT” else select “NO” and configure the settings as per your requirement.
  • Products Uploaded Successfully and it will redirect you to Manage Products section.

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