Brand or manufacturer name are any product’s identity. So, we always suggest to create brands or manufacturer groups so that customers can easily search for the products through their brand/manufacturer name.

You can also find a page on the website with the names of all the brand and manufacturers available in the system.

Note- Brand groups is automatically created when you use the bulk import option to upload the products data in the system.

1. Click on Catalog>Brands.

Here you have the option to Add a brand. 

2. Click on Add button.

Now, fill the details of the Brand such as Manufacturer/Brand name, SEO details & Description of the brand.

3. After completing the details, click on Save button.

Additionally, you can delete an existing Brand, by clicking on Delete icon of the respective Brand name.

In case you wish to delete in group(delete multiple brands), then select the brands and click on Delete button.

Click on Edit icon to edit an existing Brand.

** You can see the Brand page link on a website under Customer Service section in the footer

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