On Kartrocket’s Platform, you can export the product feed as and when required in few easy steps. 

You can generate two types of feed from here – Basic and Create your Own Feed

  • Basic Feed: By default, the feed that gets generated has all the product field details. Just follow the below steps to generate the basic feed:
  1. Click on Catalog -> Export Products

2. Now click on Start New to export the feed. By default, the feed that gets generated has all the product field details

3. You will find the details of this export in the table below. Here you will find the details of the file that is getting generated. 

4. Once the active status of the feed gets changed from working to complete, you will receive a mail with the download link of the feed on your email id i.e. mentioned in the Store contact details under the setting section. 

  • Create your Own Feed: You can also customize your feed by choosing which fields to be shown in the feed with the help of the Product feed tab. 
  1. Once you click on the Product feed button, a new tab will open up, where you will be able to see various feed fields which you can extract.

2. If you want to create a custom feed (in a specific format with specific fields), click on Create a new feed button.

3. Once you click on this, a pop-up comes wherein firstly you need to fill in the name of the feed. Then, secondly if you want to use the by default Basic feed only, select basic as profile or if you want to create a new customized feed then select Empty.

4. Now you can drag and drop the fields that you require in the feed as shown in the screenshot below:

5. Once you add all the required fields, click on the save Icon on the top of the page.           

6. After this, click on the feed settings. Here you have the choice if you want to download the feed in CSV or XML format. Select the format for your feed.

Field details:

  1. Feed Type: The format in which the feed export is required.
  2. Feed URL: Click for Feed , click on this link to start the feed download.
  3. Delimiter: To export file in tab or comma delimited format. This value comes in between the field values.

Now finally to download the feed, click on the Click for feed (shown in the above screenshot). And here your feed will get downloaded!!

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