We have a great feature of grouping similar products together by using Product grouping. Please see the explanation below:

If you have created 5 different SKUs of a shirt & these SKUs have different colours. We have a feature by which we can link all these SKUs together. So, if a customer is on a product page of one of these SKUs, he has an option to go to any of the other SKU from this page.

These SKUs are grouped on the product page in the form of either swatches or dropdown.

You can upload the groups by using bulk import option as well.

* Swatches are small size of the product image.

Navigation: Catalog>Product grouping

Here you can create as many groups as you want. Each group should have unique name.

Field Explanation:

Option Name: It could be color or material etc depending upon the use case. The name should be feature, on which the SKUs differ. In one group the option name needs to be same. Different groups can have same option names.

Option Type: You have 2 options to select here i.e. dropdown or swatches. This decides how the grouping will show on the product page.

Product Group: Product group should be any alpha-numeric value. This is also a mandatory field. This doesn’t show anywhere on your website. This should be unique for each group.

Product SKU: Enter the SKU here which you want to group together one by one.

Option Value:  This shows when you select Option type as dropdown. So, entering the value here is necessary. You can enter the feature(color) value here for eg: Red, Green etc.

Example of how product grouping looks on product page:

  1. When Option type: Swatch

2. When Option type: Dropdown

How to adds product groups?

You can enter the details as in the fields explained above. This can be done in 2 ways

a) Manually

You can add these groups manually one by one.


b) Bulk import

You can create a csv sheet for bulk upload in the below format. You also have an option to download the sample file which looks something like below

Once the the csv is created just click on the Import button in the top right corner & upload the file. This will create all the groups easily.

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