Steps to follow:

1) Go to Catalog-> Add products

2) Product Option:

When you hover on this button you can see a message which guides you on how you can add a product.

3)As soon as you save the product , you get an option to edit option



  • Click on the Add New Variation text. The list of available options will be displayed.
  • You can select and add the required options. In case, the variant you need is not in the option, then click on Add new Variation text to type the name of the new variant.
  • After typing the name, click on Plus (+) button to select the variation type such as Select, Radio, Text, Date, File, etc.
  • After selecting the variation, define the required values for the selected variation.
  • You can define separate SKU, quantity, weight, points & price for a product variation.

In case, the above method of Adding New Variation doesn’t help, then refer to ADDING PRODUCT VARIANTS for advance details.


  • Check “Required”, if you want to mark that variant mandatory else leave unchecked.
  • Check “Subtract Stock”, if you want to enable automatic stock reduction on every unit sale.
  • To define price for a variant, just use the difference value of the actual product price and the product variant price.

Example- A Jean is price at Rs.5000 and it is available in 3 sizes which are 32, 34 and 36. Among these 32 and 34 priced at Rs.5500 and 36 is priced at Rs.4500.

In case of 32 and 34 variant, we will simply define the amount of “500” as default value is positive only.

But in case of 36, we will define the price as “-500”. We need to use minus (-) sign before the value of amount.

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