Top Menu(Menu Builder)

KartRocket provides you a tool, Top menu, which assist you in designing your top menu. Top Menu builder will help you in the following ways:

  • Display static pages like About Us, Contact Us, Company profile in the top menu.
  • Enable URL links in the top menu for navigating to different web pages, both internal and external.
  • Link categories and sub categories along with the images.
  • Display images for sub categories instead of category name.
  • Display a particular product in the top menu.
  • Display 3 level of product category

Note: Before designing the top menu, make sure that you have created the product categories first by using Bulk Upload option or manually.

Simply follow the below process to design your menu.

  1. Go to store design->Theme widgets->Header menu

2. Install it in case it is not installed. Click on settings.

3. Now let us first add the menu. Click on add menu.

4. This will open a pop up

5. Now select the category

Type: category

Category: Try to search the category that you want to create in the Menu.

Open In: If you want to open it in new tab select New tab, in case you want to open in same tab select the setting accordingly.

Title: Give the title that you want to give to that category

6. Click on Save.

7. Now it will add the menu item like below. Turn the status On to show it on the website.

8. When the status is turned ON, it shows like

9. To create a sub menu item click on add new

10. Now, create this sub menu like we created the menu item above

11. This is how it will show on the website

12. The way we created menu item for a category, we can create for Product, Manufacturer, Information page or an external link(URL).

13. Menu display as per the Settings. In the below examples you can fairly understand how the menu output on your store would be as per the selected settings.

 a) Menu orientation: Center aligned, Layout style: Horizontal

 b) Menu orientation: Center aligned, Layout style: Vertical

 c) Menu orientation: Left aligned, Layout style: Vertical

 d) Menu orientation: Left aligned, Layout style: Horizontal

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