Coupons are a great way of running promotions for your store. You can give coupons to the customers which they can use at the time of checkout. 

  • You can promote coupon code by means of mentioning them in your banners, sending promotional emails, sms or through social medias.
  • The coupons that you create will not automatically display anywhere on your website. You will have to explicitly promote the coupon codes to increase the sales.


1. Login to your Kartrocket dashboard.

2.Go to Coupons & Vouchers>Manage Coupons in the left menu.

3. This section will list all the available coupons that are created on your store

4. Click on Create Coupon button given in the top right corner to create a New coupon.
5. Enter a Coupon Name

6. Enter the Coupon Code 

Note: This code is case sensitive.The end customer will have to use the code in the same case as you create it. Otherwise the code will not be applied.

7. Enter Type: Select Percentage or Fixed Amount based on the type of discount that you wish to give.

8. Enter ‘Discount’ value wrt the above option.

9. Enter ‘Total Amount’ that must be reached before the coupon is valid.

Now, select either ‘cart or product total’. Cart total is used if you want the code to be applicable on the complete store, wherein as Product Total is used if you want the code to be applicable on only certain products or category of products.

10. Select specific products/Category the coupon should apply to, ONLY in case if you select above Product Total.

Do not select any products to apply coupon to the entire cart

11. Choose Yes or No if you want the coupon to be applicable only for registered customers.

12. Select Yes or No for ‘Free Shipping

13. Choose Start Date and End Date

14. Enter ‘Uses Per Coupon’. This should be a numeric value. Eg: Enter 2 here in case you want this coupon to be used only once.

15. Enter ‘Uses Per Customer’.This should be a numeric value. Eg: Enter 1 here in case you want this coupon to be used only once by a customer.

16.Select the customer group you want the coupon to be able to used by. The customer only if he/she falls in the selected customer group be able to use the coupon.

17. If you want to add a ‘Description’ you can add to the description field and change the Status to ‘Enable’ to activate the coupon.

18. Click on the ‘Save’ button to save the changes

19. Get more orders by promoting the coupons that you create..

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