MailChimp is the world’s leading email marketing platform. 15 million customers, from small e-commerce shops to big online retailers, use MailChimp to express themselves to the world.
You can use it to send out highly converting newsletters. It helps you manage your Email Marketing Campaigns. Your customer list can be synced with MailChimp so that every time a customer creates an account on your store their email is automatically added to your MailChimp account. You can also directly import your existing email database to MailChimp

Features and Benefits:
1.Automation & Personalization- MailChimp helps you email the right people at the right time .Send automated emails based on customer behavior and preferences
2.Advanced Analytics- offers plenty of advanced reporting options that you can access from anywhere
3.Flexible design options- Add content and collaborate on campaigns that fit your brand , using MailChimp’s Email Designer
4.Send Anytime Anywhere- fully responsive app, so you can use it wherever and whenever you want to

1.Log into Click on Blue Sign up Free button.

2. Enter the details in the form as required.

3. You will get a thank you message for signing up. Now, check your email and click activate account on the email ID that you gave

4.  Now enter your first name & last name.

5. Enter your Business information & continue

6. Add the address information

7. Select the appropriate answer for the below information

8. Connect the social media options & continue.
9. Once you are done with all the settings you will land up on your mailchimp dashboard.

10. Now click on Accounts option as shown in the screenshot below:

11. Go to Extras in the menu & select API keys

12. Click on Create a Key

13. The key will generate and show as below:

14. Create a List now so that whoever Subscribes for Newsletter the details are stored in this list. To create the list please follow below steps:
a) Click on List option given in the Top menu & select Create List

b) Now enter all the details of List & Save.
c) The List is now created.

Integration Steps

  1. Login to you Kartrocket dashboard.
  2. Go to Apps in the left menu,select Marketing tab 

Look for Mailchimp Connector

3. Click on settings button you will see a screen as shown below:

4.Now you have to paste the key to the API Key box in MailChimp app on your Kartrocket store that you go in step 13 above.
5. Select the list that you created in step 14. If you are using an existing MailChimp account that has multiple lists. Choose the one you want to use from the drop down.
6. Configure the remaining settings as per your requirement and click on ‘save’.
7. The customers who come & subscribe on your website will automatically fall in the List that you selected while configuration.

8. You are now ready to create campaigns & send to the desired customer list for promotion & other purposes.

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