Details of all the customers who register on your website are stored in Kartrocket dashboard. You can very wisely use these details for promotion and other business purposes. 

When a user registers on your website, you can see the details by following below steps:
Navigation: Customers>Manage Customers

All the registered customers details will be listed in this section.

Add Customers Manually
You also have an option to add customers manually from the admin. Please follow below steps to do so:

  1. Click on Customers>Add Customer.

2. Enter the Customer’s detail.

  • General: This section helps you in managing the customer’s general details such as Name, Email, Mobile,Gender, Customer Group,Birthday & status of the customer. Add the fields as required and click on Save button to apply the changes below the edited section.

In case you want to add new address of the customer, then click on Add icon, fill the details and click on Save button to apply changes.

You also have an option to give credits to the customer. You can simple add the credit value & an equal amount will be added in the customer account which will be deducted from the order total when they shop with you next time.

3. You also have an option to add Reward Points manually. Just enter the reward point description and add the points. Customer will see an option to use these points on the cart page or on checkout.

Click on General Tab after completing the details and then click on Save button.

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