Looking for that little tab in the bottom corner of your website that says, “Click Here to Chat.” Olark is the Answer!
This app answers customers immediately and monitors website visitor behavior in real time for higher conversions, soaring sales and easy support.


  • Multilingual — Works in any language
  • BENEFITS Simple install — Just copy and paste an HTML snippet
  • Design friendly — Fully configurable themes, colors, text
  • Start immediately — Chat now from your browser
  • Mobile and desktop — iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac
  • Visitor details — Know who and what's going on your website
  • Transcripts — Every chat recorded for review
  • Chat ratings — Get instant feedback from customers
  • Reporting — Detailed, real-time, beautiful reports
  • Proactive chat — Directly or with targeted, automated rules
  • Cobrowsing — Instantly control customer's browser
  • Offline messages — Take emails when you’re not around
  • Capture emails — Optionally require emails before chatting
  • Chat groups — Route chats to any team like sales or support
  • Chat limits — Limit chat volume to what you can handle


  • Targeted Campaigns - Choose to offer live chat at the most crucial times such as shopping cart abandonment. Offer VIP support to premium customers.
  • Customization - Choose from a range of templates to match your design or use custom CSS to build your own. Choose a click-to-chat image or a pop-up widget.
  • Olark Groups - Choose who takes which chat incident using Olark Groups. Direct chats to sales or customer support groups.
  • Olark Cobrowsing - Offer greater support by taking over your customers browser and seeing what's on your customer's screen.
  •  Olark Cartsaver - See what it is your customer's cart in real-time so that you can up-sell and answer questions at the right time.


1.Go to https://www.olark.com/signup/create_new_account/ and register. Enter your First name, Last name, Email ID, Username , Password 

2.Click on ‘Continue’

3. You will be asked to select the language. Click on Continue once you select the language of your choice.

4. Now you will be asked about the team size. Please select the appropriate option.

5. Once you select the team size, you will be re-directed to a page that shows the HTML code & Site Id. Please save these somewhere.

6. Login to your Kartrocket dashboard .

7.Click on Apps given in the Left Menu. Go to Marketing Tab & look for Olark.

8.You will see the app displayed below

 9.Click on the green ‘install’ button to install the app.

 10.The page will refresh and the install button will change to setting button.

 11. Click on the ‘setting’ button.

 12. You will get to the page below

13.Paste your Site Id which you had copied in step no 5 and paste it here

14.Click on ‘save’

 15.You will get a Success Notification!

 How does it Look on your store front?

1. A Contact Us icon will show on your store now.

2. This is how it will show when you expand it.


1.Now, Go back to the Olark Dashboard and click on ‘I’m Done’. You will get to the below page 

2.Click on the Appearance to change the appearance of the Chat box that shows on your store.

3. Here you can change button style, text, theme, complete look and feel of the Chat button etc. Once you make the changes Save them.

4.Now refresh you site to see the change.

4. Click on the Launch Chat button to start chatting with your customers.
Now you are ready to Chat with your customers.


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