To upload banners on the website, follow these simple steps listed below:
Navigation:  Store Design > Banner Slideshow

To enable the slider to show in the front-end switch ON the status - 

Here, you will find two tabs:

a) Add your Banners – This section is to upload the banner images, hyperlink them, add image alt text and to decide the sort order.

b) Banner Slideshow Settings – This section has the additional configuration settings that can be provided on the slideshow.

Let’s discuss these sections in detail now

 Add Your Banners Tab -

  1. When you click on the plus sign 

, it will give you the facility to upload the image.

2.  Click on BROWSE button to upload the Banner Image or simply drop the banner image on the DROP HERE text.

3.  Enter the link of the landing page in Banner Link column, if you want to link the banner with a page or category

4. Enter the alternative text for the image in Image Alt Text column.

5. Define the sort order which defines the position of the banner in the slideshow.

6. Click on plus icon to add more banners and repeat the above steps.

Click on Save button to save the images.

Banner Slideshow Settings –

Here you can do following configurations on the slideshow:

1. Auto Play – If you want the slideshow to play automatically, then you can select the checkbox.

2. Transition – You can select from the dropdown, the type of transition (animation) you require on the slideshow.

3. Banner Transition Time – The delay that you require between each banner can be set here. This is mentioned in seconds.

4. Navigator Type –You can select the navigator type for the navigation between the banners.

5. To set the position of the banners in the slideshow, you can simply drag & drop them.

Don’t forget to save the settings by Clicking on the Save icon!! 

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