Web pages are used for adding any static information page on the site. For example – About Us page, Terms and conditions page, etc. These page cannot have any dynamic content in them.
By Default these pages show in the footer of the site under the Information section

Navigation: Click on Web Pages from the left menu.

Click on Add Page button to add a New page.

Complete the required details:

Page Title- Enter title of the page.

Description- Type the content of the page. You can also define HTML tags by click on the Source button in the description editor.

Note- In case you want to embed any available web page, then simply copy the HTML codes of the page and paste it under the source field of description editor.

SEO URL- Define SEO URL of the web page.

Meta Title- Define Meta title of the page.

Meta Description- Define Meta description of the web page.

Meta Keyword- Define Meta keywords for the page.

Sort Order- Define sort order of the page for positioning in the footer section.

Click on save button.

Manage a Web Page

Web pages are the static pages which you can create and design as per your choice. There are some default web pages such as About Us, Terms & Conditions, Shipping policy, Company history, Privacy policy, etc.

KartRocket enables you to create and design full HTML web pages.

Steps to be follow to manage web page.

  1. Click on Web pages

2. Click on delete icon of the respective page title to delete it.

3. Click on status button of the respective page to enable/disable it. Switching off the Status will make this page unavailable anywhere on the site.

4. Click on display button of the respective page to enable/disable it. Display button is used to show/hide the page title from the footer section. In case you want to create a customize HTML page for your customers and you don’t want to display it in the footer section then, switch off the display button of that particular web page. You can use the seo url of this page to link it anywhere else in the site. For example, you want to hyperlink it on any banner or show on the top menu.

5. Click on view icon of the respective page to view the content of it.

6. Click on edit icon of the respective page to update it.

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